Guillem Carreras

“I have always liked travelling, get to know other cultures and to be enriched by the histories of the local people. But I also love the place where I live, the Empordà, being in love with the area, its landscapes and the north strong wind “Tramuntana”. I like to spend my free time cycling, discovering new ways, and doing other activities related to the open air and nature.“. Languages: CATALAN / SPANISH / ENGLISH / FRENCH

Carles Poch

“I like sports in general, but especially those related to bicycles and those developed in nature. Hiking around the Costa Brava, Alt/Baix Empordà or La Selva are also one of my passions. I prefer “hikking” than “running.” An expert on European bike routes and a lover of Sicilian cuisine (Sicily), where I lived for 4 years, also working in the Cyclotourism and Hiking sector.“. Languages: CATALAN / SPANISH / ENGLISH / ITALIAN


“From early years, my passion has been travelling around the world. Now, converted into a family woman, I enjoy most of my free time doing outdoor activities with my kids in Girona. One of our favorites, very recommendable to families, is cycling along the greenways of Girona: beautiful, safe and fun!“. Languages: CATALAN / SPANISH / ENGLISH / FRENCH / DUTCH / GERMAN

Eduard Kirchner

“Since I was a kid I’ve been cycling around the Empordà and Girona. I like to enjoy the huge range of activities that I can do here. All year round I practice mountain bike on the Montgrí Massif, road-bike in Les Gavarres or trail-running along the coastal path of Cap de Creus. In winter I do ski mountaineering in the Oriental Pyrenees and in summer I practice open water swimming along the rocky shore of Costa Brava. You can not imagine the hidden spots you can discover here!“ Languages: CATALAN / SPANISH / ENGLISH / FRENCH

Marcos Bravo

“I strongly believe in the bicycle and I like all its variations and modalities. I use it whenever I can, to go to work, to take the children to school and to be in contact with nature. I have also practiced snowboarding and hiking. Another passion is mechanics and tools. I enjoy repairing, adjusting, taking care of bicycles and recently, I have started to build my own steel frames. In Cicloturisme I can be in contact with different people, with the bicycle as union.“. Languages: CATALAN / SPANISH / ENGLISH

Empar Vaqué

“For many years I believed, and I still do now, that discovering a country on a bike is one of the most rewarding travel experiences, as well as one of the best tools to develop quality tourism in the regions. I ‘m also convinced of the great potential of Girona, specially the regions of the Empordà, which combine very harmoniously splendid landscapes, both inland and coast, mild relief and fascinating cultural heritage. With many hours of sunshine and a mild climate, this region is then, an incredible destination worldwide“. Languages: CATALAN / SPANISH / FRENCH / GERMAN